As I look back at the past 7 years of running my photography business, one word has dominated my brand. SIMPLICITY. No matter what I end up photographing, my clients are always the most important subject in my images.

I love clean, simplistic images, that draws your eyes to the baby and not the decor, props or outfits. If I look at an image and I think about how amazing the decor is and not the baby, I feel that I have failed my client in so many ways.

This word simplicity also guides my personal life. I try to keep it simple where I can. The more I add to my list of things to do, the more I end up not doing it. I loose my will to do anything at all. If I keep it simple, if simplicity guides me, I do it more enthusiastically, with passion and love.

Most of all simplicity keeps my mind clear, focusing on what truly is important. In my business it is my clients and in my personal life it is my family. Keeping it simple means I don’t have a thousand things occupying my mind, helping think clearly and purposefully. Simply said, simplicity keeps me sane!

It can be so easy to fall in to the trap of wanting what everyone else has. I used to be at the forefront of stalking other photographers work, finding what props they used to create their beautiful images. The only reward I got was disappointment as my work didn’t look the same.
I quickly realized that I was never going to be happy if I kept looking at other photographers work. I had to make a decision to be a follower or a creator. I immediately stopped looking at photographers work and started working on my own style. Again simplicity was my most valued companion in finding what worked for me.
The same could be said in posing a baby or my clients. My clients are simply the most important focus of my photos not my props or backgrounds. I found complicated poses for newborn babies just wasn’t worth the time or stress for my clients or myself. I keep it simple, so that my clients would enjoy their session and walk away with happy memories, hence the reason I get so many return clients.
To me simplicity is such a rewarding strategy. My clients are satisfied with the service and their images, I am pleased that they walk away with beautiful images that focuses solely on them.