Ignorance can help you push through your own boundaries.

Even before I started my photography business, I’d been a photographer for as long as I knew. Not necessarily a good one, but I had a burning desire to be a photographer and by the looks of it (through my own eyes). I wasn’t taking bad photos at all. It took me many years to go from “I want to be a professional photographer” to gathering my guts and finally putting myself out there.

Each shoot I did was an amazing experience for me. I had to learn so much, I was determined and motivated to succeed. I watched many professionals doing what they do best, learning and practicing every bit of information I could get for free. Soon that was not enough and I started paying for quality education to take me to the next level. To this very day I am still learning, making sure I learn about all aspects of my business, not just posing.

I am grateful for my ignorance.

When I started I believed I was an amazing photographer. In a way I was right, at that very moment I was the best I could be. When I look at those images now I cringe. I wasn’t as good as I had imagined myself to be, but I had to go through that to move to where I am now. Today I know I’m not the best photographer ever, but I’m the best photographer I can be right now.

In the past 8 years I’ve had highs and lows. I remember 3 distinct times where I was ready to close my business and walk away. There were so many of these moments, where I just wanted to give up. But somehow I manage to just keep going. Sometime it was an image that I captured that would save me and remind me why I loved photography so much. To not give up.

Reflection brings about healing.

If I knew then what I knew now things would have been different right. But I had to learn, I had to grow, I had to feel pain and pleasure. I only hope to learn from my experience and grow in character as I go forward.

May you enjoy this journey with me.

Before and After Photos

Don’t get me wrong, I am so very proud of all these images but there is quite a difference as you can see. I cannot wait to get even better in the next few years.