You need to be fit and healthy if your going to photograph twins…

Im just kidding, photographing twins is so rewarding but also very challenging. Probably more challenging for the parent than for me. All of the sudden a child who is generally confidant and friendly turn shy and unsure. Happy children start crying. Silent children start running or crawling away. Messy children don’t want to touch the cake… the list is endless. With twins it is even worse as both take on a different personalty and parents scramble to understand and comfort their little ones.

Its interesting to see how the parents are in shock as the children before them, the children they know, change within an instant and are barley recognizable to their parents.

I love this idea, the idea of chaos and that one day the children will ask their parents about the photo shoot they had, and the parents will have a great story to tell with loads of laughter and relief. below I share a few twin sessions Ive had this year and will share more on Facebook and Instagram this week.